Solid as a Rock Spray
Solid as a Rock Spray - Oral Spray

Solid as a Rock Spray

Oral Spray


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The spray is a dietary supplement produced to enliven your love life with its completely natural 100% herbal formula.

This unique mood enhancer assists you without the use of pharmaceutical or synthetic additives. It is a completely healthy addition to help you enjoy a more fulfilling love life.
Moreover this sub-lingual spray is easy to use. SEXUAL PERFORMANCE ENHANCING PLANTS Sexual performance and impulses are controlled by a section in the brain called hypothalamus. The brain regulates the intensity of the sexual performance and while doing this, it measures the density of sexual hormones within the circulatory system.

Plants that enhance sexual performance strengthen the immune system, and raise the resilience of the body against fatigue and viruses. They can help eliminate the physical and mental stress of the body.

Our special formula contains:- Ginseng, Rihodiola rosea, Cinnamomum cassia, Astraglus membranaceus, Gingo biloba, Crocus sativus and Royal jelly ingredients.

All are completely natural performance enhancing plants, and have been specifically combined for maximum effectiveness.

Is used in a sub-lingual manner (under the tongue), with applications of between 7 and 10 sprays, in groups of 3/4 sprays, separated by a 20 /30 second pause between each group.  This pause ensures the speedy dispersal of the liquid from under the tongue and mouth into the blood stream… avoiding swallowing as far as possible, as this relates to the speed and effectiveness of the spray.
Ingesting some of the liquid is unavoidable, but it is in no way harmfull or reactionary. There is a little aftertaste, but a drink can be taken a minute or so after the application.

The effects of the spray will be active within 20 minutes and will last between 24/36 hours. Next day top-ups are generally between 3 and 4 sprays… this naturally varies from man to man, and they will soon find their own level of usage.

A further application for the MEN’S ATOMISER SPRAY is that it can be sprayed into any liquid whether hot or cold, from water and fruit juices, coffee, tea to alcohol (sprits and beers)… it’s effects are very much the same as the drink. The differences are related to the reaction time which will be within 30 minutes, and also the fact that you must spray between 8 and 10 times into the liquid.

SOLID AS A ROCK SPRAY Ginseng Complex (Ginseng, Croucus sativus, Astragalus membranaceus, Ginko biloba, Royal jelly, Cinnamomum) – 6% Sugar (Glucose syrup) – 12% Natural Flavours (Menthol) – 3% Acid Regulator (Citrik acid – 0.06%, Sodium citrate – 0.01%) Antioxident (Ascorbic acid) – 0.03% Deionized Water – 78.9%